Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Show season is upon us!

You may have noticed that, compared to my recent flurry of drawing activity, things have slowed down considerably. The reason for this is that show season is finally upon us. Unlike Art and Craft fairs, I don't tend to draw at the agricultural shows and the days in between are filled with printing, mounting, framing and generally preparing for the shows.

I'm not attending as many shows this year as last, so I should have much more time for drawing (I don't think I managed a new piece for over 6 months last year).

You can see our show set up here. This was Saturday's Honley Show. Being the first of the year, we inevitably forgot a few things, including our banners - hence why there is nothing in these photos to tell the public who we are! This was also the first test of our new marquee, which faired very well. We had a very sturdy marquee last year, but it took around 45 mins to erect. This marquee is almost as sturdy, but goes up in a couple of minutes.