Wednesday, 11 May 2011

And finally...

'Swaledale Tup'
Size approx 11"x16"
And here we are with the finished piece.  As mentioned earlier, a little more blending to eliminate obvious pencil strokes, another pass with the eraser, a little more darkening of shadows, a final pass with the eraser, and finally a little tidying up of the face and horns...and he is complete!  And a proper scan this time!


Thursday, 5 May 2011

New hare drawing

'Hare Portrait'
Size approx 11.5x15.5"
Here we are again with 2 updates.  After yet another busy week, I have completed work on a new hare study and made a little progress on the Swaledale Tup.

I don't usually work on 2 pieces at once.  I would normally prefer to have one complete and out of my mind before working on another, but sometimes us artists just get urges to draw something specific.  As it had been all of about 3 months since I last drew a hare, I had the urges