Wednesday, 11 May 2011

And finally...

'Swaledale Tup'
Size approx 11"x16"
And here we are with the finished piece.  As mentioned earlier, a little more blending to eliminate obvious pencil strokes, another pass with the eraser, a little more darkening of shadows, a final pass with the eraser, and finally a little tidying up of the face and horns...and he is complete!  And a proper scan this time!



Dors said...

Superb detail. Love it.

Amanda Brett said...

i love it, he's a real quizzical character!! such an unusual subject!! send me more!!

Beads by Clare Scott said...

Hi Nolon,

I met you at Otley show yesterday. I was completely blown away by your talent.

I have written about Otley show in my blog ~

I`ve featured you. Hope that`s ok.

Keep up your incredible work.



Sheona Hamilton Grant said...

Love the off-center composition and the detail you've achieved. Beautiful work!