Friday, 13 October 2006

Protection - Work in Progress

So, it's day two of the blog and I think i'm probably posting this before anyone has even come across day one, but what the hell. I thought, rather than bore you with background information (which I will come onto shortly), I would throw in a work-in-progress to show you what i'm currently working on.

This is somewhat of a divergence from my usual dogs, street scenes or people, into the world of Wildlife Art. I thought I would begin by tackling something completely different to dogs, i.e. something without fur, so decided on Elephants. This piece will be called Protection - The Mother is stomping towards the viewer to protect its young, while the herd behind goes about its business.

I have only just begun blocking in the darkest areas. I am hoping to achieve a high contrast between the foreground elephants, that will be quite dark and detailed, and the background, which will be quite faded in comparison.

Brinkley, my relatively new puppy, likes to gain my attention whenever I am drawing by chewing my leg, so I apologise if progress is slow with this one. I will try to update over the weekend.

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