Thursday, 19 June 2008

Cairn Terrier

I came across this Cairn Terrier puppy at a recent fair. It was visiting another trader and I just had to draw it. As I had forgotten my camera, they managed to get a great reference photo for me to use and here is the resulting drawing.

This will be added to my (currently rapidly expanding) dog collection.


Terry Banderas said...

Fantastic rendering. Your detail is so good.

Tracy Hall said...

Second that - a beauty, Nolan!

LeeAnn said...

I was just googling Cairn sketches and came across this sketch. Such great detail, you've done an excellent job capturing every detail. He looks just like my sweet Cairn. Great work!

Lene said...

Hi Nolon
I love your dog-drawings. This is a darling, beautiful rendering

Anonymous said...

Same as LeeAnn, I googled drawings of Cairns and came across your wonderful drawing. You have so captured this little charmers face. Nice work, I also enjoyed your website.