Thursday, 18 March 2010

Fox Study complete

'Fox Study'
Size 11x15"

I got this finished today as I hoped. This has been a bit of an experiment for me as i've been using a completely new paper, Arches Aquarelle Hot Press watercolour paper. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the manufacture of the paper I used to use (Langton Hot Press) has changed completely and now has too much surface texture for my taste. Arches is maybe still slightly more textured than Langton used to be, but I think it has passed the test.

How I approached this drawing was somewhat interesting also. Usually I would either complete the background and then move onto the subject, or complete the subject and then move onto the background. I have no idea why I worked in the surrounding background as I moved around the fox - when things like that happen during a drawing, I tend to just go with it.


JAN said...

superb artistry...very beautiful indeed

Brenda said...

Beautiful! Clearly there is no problem with the new paper you are using. The detail on the fox is just brilliant!!

Lene Daugaard said...

wow - this is gorgeus. Love the way you draw everything!

Nolon Stacey said...

Brenda, The paper isn't bad. I still prefer my old paper, but that may change with more use of this Arches.

Thanks Lene, I took prints of this fox out this weekend and they seemed to go down well.