Thursday, 29 April 2010

Books back in stock!

I finally have my books back in stock! All 3 books are now available to purchase directly from my website, and come signed by the author.
There is 'The Art of Drawing Animals' (pictured), 'Drawing Made Easy: Dogs and Puppies' and 'Drawing: Dogs and Cats'.

Click here to view details on my website.


Christine said...

I own and love this book! In the other two books, are there new projects, or some of the same as in this one? Thanks!

Nolon Stacey said...

Hi Christine,

Glad you like the book. 'Drawing Made Easy: Dogs and Puppies' was my first book for Walter Foster and is a completely different book to 'The Art of Drawing Animals'. Obviously, there are some overlaps, such as tools I use and some techniques, but all the step-by-step projects and drawings are totally different.

'Drawing: Dogs and Cats' is essentially my chapter from The Art of Drawing Animals used to create a stand alone book.