Wednesday, 26 May 2010

New Card packs

I haven't managed to get back to the Swaledale drawing since the last show almost 2 weeks ago, as i've been busy getting ready for the bank holiday weekend.

I have been working on a couple of new greeting card sets as shown. They will be two boxed packs of A5 greeting cards, one 'British Wildlife Collection' and one 'Yorkshire Dales Collection', each containing 6 fine art cards with envelopes.

I am currently producing the cards myself as I do with my A6 dog greeting cards, but due to the time involved and depending on how they sell, I will be outsourcing these to a professional printer in the future. They are printed using the same Giclée printer as my fine art prints, so each one has to be hand fed and takes over 2 minutes to print - if they sell well, there's no way I can continue printing them myself!

Anyway, I hope to complete the Swaledale whilst at Hawes for the 3-day bank holiday, so should have an update on Tuesday.


Edd Cross said...

Fantastic Nolon, they look great!

Nolon Stacey said...

Thanks Edd, You still in the Land Down Under?

Dors said...

WOW they look awesome. very professional.
Great job Nolon.

Gayle said...

They look very nice Nolon, I'm sure they'll sell well.
I know what you mean about time though, I've printed almost 1000 cards ready for Patchings art exhibition feeding them one by one into my printer. We probably use the same type of unhelpful printer:(

Nolon Stacey said...

I think we do Gayle. I was very close to attending Patchings this year, but ended up deciding it was too far to travel without arranging accommodation (which always greatly affects profitability). If you come across bird artist Gareth Watling, you will see where I got the idea for the card boxes - he knows I was going to steal the idea though!

Edd Cross said...

I certainly am Nolon, you should come down under to where I work and draw kangaroos, emus, birdlife galore.. It certainly gives me great inspiration for my blog.

Your card packs should really sell well. I enjoy seeing your arty blog updates!