Saturday, 4 September 2010

Westie complete

After a very busy and very successful 7 days of shows, plus the ending of a 5-week exhibition, I have finally got this Westie drawing complete.

Time to get ready for the next set of shows!


Mark said...

In one of your drawings, you represented white hairs among black ones with pencil.

I would greatly appreciate if you can let me know how you do that.


Nolon Stacey said...

Hi Dr,
There are 2 ways that I do this, either simply draw around the white hairs (negative drawing) - I say 'simply', it's quite a time consuming method. The second method for very fine individual hairs is to indent the paper with a blunt needle of some sort before shading over the area. The indented line will then remain white.

Dors said...

Love this little Westie .. beautifully rendered Nolon.

Eeva said...

wow, this is amazing! And your blog is so nice, I but myself in to the members :)

AndreaH said...

What an absolutely amazing drawing. I'm totally in awe. Xx