Sunday, 26 December 2010

Couple more dogs added.

I obviously haven't updated the blog for quite some time now. This is partly due to not having any new work to show you, and partly due to 17 days of shows in the run up to Christmas leaving me with about as much time on my hands as Santa on Xmas Eve.

Anyway, with shows (and Christmas) over with for a short while, I can get back to drawing - I need to as I have no original drawings left and an exhibition in less than a month's time!!

The shows were slightly affected by the weather, with the first week being very, very quiet when compared with last year - fortunately, it picked up from there. The 17 days of shows have been extended to 25 days for next Christmas, so that'll be fun!!

Here are a couple of drawings completed back in November which will be added to the dog collection. It is actually the same Schnauzer, Charlie, drawn from two different profiles. The owner should have received the original for Xmas yesterday, so I hope they like them.


Colette Theriault said...

Very lovely Nolon! I love your pencil work!!

sue said...

Wonderful drawings

Emily said...

Your drawings are simply amazing! You have just great natural talent, it's truly incredible. Thanks for sharing your pieces on your blog, I'll definitely be checking in to see your work in the future!

Greetings from Canada,
- Emily

Vicki Reynolds said...

Do you do drawings from photos?

Vicki Reynolds said...

Do you do drawings from photos?