Monday, 14 March 2011

English Setter

Here we are with the weekend's work. This is Oscar, a blue belton English Setter.

I am 3 days into this, but having had a relatively quiet weekend demonstrating at Hawes, I got quite a bit more than I would usually expect. That may be good for drawing progress, but isn't great for sales - as always, we seem to be at the mercy of the weather, and after the week we just had, I can't blame people for not venturing out. There's always the next show though!!


Andrew said...

Looks great, how did you get that shiny texture?

Nolon Stacey said...

Hi Andrew. I always draw from dark to light to achieve a shiny look to hair. I would work from the darkest shadows between the hair, then the darkest areas of the hair, before finally working from that dark towards the lightest areas (which depending on the hair may be simply leaving the white of the paper showing)

Andrew said...

Great, thanks for the tip:)