Wednesday, 27 April 2011

One complete, another begins.

Barn Owl Portrait - size approx 14x11"
After a long 4-day weekend of demonstrating at a show, here we have the completed Barn Owl portrait.  I wanted to go for something quite different with this barn owl, concentrating on the face and wing.  Some people may say they want to see the talons or the entire owl, but i've been there, done that - I wanted to get closer to the detail with this one.

This barn owl is now going to be locked away as I need to save it for an exhibition in July at Talents Gallery in Malton.


April Jarocka said...

He turned out beautifully....and the Ewe is looking Be-ewe-tiful!!
(Sorry, I couldn't resist!)
All the best

Julia Ruffles | wildlife artist said...

WOW stunning owl! extraordinary precision and talent, I love your style of work, proud to be a follower! :) Jules

Poet Whale Studio said...

Your Barn Owl's face has the quality of a human portrait with emotion. Very Nice

Edd Cross said...

Love the barn owl!

Studio at the Farm said...

Nolon, the barn owl is magnificent. I looked at a close-up, and the detail is wonderful; he has quite quite a look of curiousity to his expression. The goat, too, is beautiful. Good work, O Starving Artist!

Andrew said...

your sheep drawings always amaze me, I can't understand how you get the wooly look though.