Tuesday, 7 February 2012


 I just thought i'd share some sketches with you.

For every completed drawing, there are probably 4 or 5 sketches drawn - normally these are drawn on cheap printer paper and thrown away once i'm done with them (or sometimes even given to children at shows to colour in!).  Some of them never make it to the 50-hour drawing board, like the sketch on the left.

I've always wondered if I could do anything with these sketches, so the last two I did, I made sure they were on my usual quality drawing paper and I spent a little extra time on them than is normally necessary (they are usually only used to give me an idea of composition and how I plan to tackle the full drawing) - probably an hour each, rather than the 50 hours for a full drawing.

Anyway, here are two of them, both image size around 8x10".  I thought i'd frame one to see how it looked.


Studio at the Farm said...

Nolon, they are superb! Thank you for sharing your sketches.

Sehriban Cakmak said...

All of them are gorgeous, please don't throw them away! You have so much skill! I would like to see more gorgeous drawing like these Nolan :)x

Sehriban Cakmak said...

Also, i really like the way you do the hair texture. Will you show a working process? Thank you x