Monday, 5 March 2007

Kids - Goat Study

I'm still working on the Lost drawing which I may post here once i've got a little more done. In the mean time somthing from last month. This is another on the farm series of 3 young goats doing...pretty much nothing! Having drawn many animals, most notably dogs, I was interested to explore the difference in fur texture, eyes, nose and personality of goats. I settled upon 3 very different tonal subjects.

To provide more 3-dimensionality to the drawing I faded out the middle goat's rear into a light mist. I have a tendancy to fade my drawings out into the white of the paper, but I found fading it to a light mist worked really well with this piece. I cropped the drawing fairly harshly to help the composition.

The original drawing took approximately 25 hours to complete.

I will hopefully begin another animal drawing tomorrow, so should have the beginning of something to show.

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