Friday, 2 March 2007

Rules The Roost

Well, it's been months since I last posted - haven't gotten off to the best start with the blog! So here is my (very late) new years resolution...I will update the blog every day, even if I haven't done any drawing on that day. If I have, I will post an update, no matter how small, messy, or poor the update may be.

To get the ball re-rolling, here is a piece that I finished yesterday called 'Rules The Roost'. It shows a Rooster watching over his hens as they happily feed. This is another addition to the ever-expanding Farm collection which already includes goats, pigs and sheep (I will post those also).
I am about to begin a 'Lost' drawing for a celebrity art publisher - i'm not sure i'll post that here, so I guess, due to the new year's resolution that I just made, I will have to start another farm piece also, just so that I have something to post.

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